When can my baby come for a newborn session?

Newborns can be photographed any time between 5 days and 2 weeks old.  Please make sure you book around your 20 week scan and we can pencil you in the diary for around your due date.

My baby is no longer classed as newborn will you still do photographs?

Yes, we might not be able to do some of the newborn poses but I can certainly offer you a lovely gallery of images.  Please contact me.

Why does it take so long to do newborn photographs?

Everything has to go at your baby’s pace.  It takes time to settle, feed, cuddle and sooth them.  It takes time to get the baby into different poses and each baby is different so some sessions take longer some shorter.

How safe is newborn photography?

The safety of your baby is my top priority.  I may ask a parent to sit close to the baby when using certain props or poses just in case the baby suddenly moves.  If your baby shows any discomfort then he/she will be moved from that particular pose.

Can I have a newborn photography session at my home?

Unless you have circumstances in which you cannot get into the studio then unfortunately no.  To go to someone’s home I have to bring an awful lot of equipment with me so I prefer to do the session in the studio where I have everything that I need around me.

My baby has dry, flaky skin.  Can you remove it?

I retouch all my photographs and I would take out nappy lines, scratches and spots.  I will leave in some flaky skin as it is unique to your baby at the time.

Can we have photographs with our baby?

Yes of course.  It’s something I would recommend.

Can we have photographs with our other children?

Yes, that’s fine.  I usually do those at the start together with full family shots when they are more likely to be interested.  I ask that they are then taken out of the studio for a walk or play with Dad or Grandparents so that they don’t get bored.  It’s a long time for them to sit still.

What if my baby isn't happy throughout the whole session?

It is inevitable that at some point the baby will cry but we deal with it as you would do at home.  It could be that they are crying because they are hungry or need winding.  There is plenty of time during the session to deal with any eventualities.  It’s a nice relaxed session always done in the morning when newborns are at their sleepiest.  If for some reason your baby is poorly then we will reschedule.

When do I get to see the photographs?

I aim to get them ready within a week but during busy periods it can take up to 10 days.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes you can but I would suggest that you purchase a full package.  This means that the recipient receives the session and some images.

How long are the images available to view after the session?

Your password protected online gallery will be available for 2 weeks after you have received confirmation that the photographs are ready to view.  I will email or Facebook message a link and password to the email address you provide at booking.  Your gallery will be hosted for 2 weeks only.