Do you want to have a relaxed experience being photographed with your newborn and look amazing?

Just after having given birth (been there, got the t-shirt) you don’t always feel like you’re at your best.  Are you worried about what you look like and how stressed out you feel?  Do you want that relaxed experience of being in the studio knowing that your baby is in safe hands?

I understand exactly how you feel.  When you look at celebrities who have just given birth and you don’t understand why you haven’t got that flat stomach and they have.  How do they do it?  Well, let’s think….. make up artists and support underwear!!!! 

Well, panic not.  When you come to me for a newborn session I will make sure that you look fabulous when photographed with your baby. Before you even come for your newborn shoot we’ll discuss what you need to do prior to coming to make sure that the whole thing runs smoothly. 

Not only that, I have the experience of photographing newborns safely and received plenty of training on how to place a baby into the most comfortable positions and also the safest way to use props.


What to expect at a newborn session.

Your experience, in my home studio, will be calm and relaxed and very warm!!!  I want you to settle down and relax and enjoy having some wonderful photos taken of your baby. 

Before you come to the studio you will be sent a guide on how to prepare you baby prior to the session.  This will ensure that our time runs smoothly and that I can capture as many photos as possible.  We will talk about colours you like and the type of props and outfits you might want.  Have a look at my gallery of images for some ideas. (LINK)

My sessions are baby led which means that if the baby isn’t comfortable in a certain position in a prop or a pose then I won’t push them to do it.  If the baby isn’t comfortable then we won’t get the best images.


When to book.

It’s possible to book a baby in several weeks prior to giving birth.  Usually it’s best to wait until after you’ve had your 20-week scan.  If you decide to have maternity photos between 30 and 36 weeks pregnancy you could book your newborn session then.   If you book the deluxe package you can get £25 off your newborn session.

You can book straight after the birth but I find that the best time to photograph newborns is between 5 and 14 days new.

If you feel you’d like to book or maybe you just want to chat more about the session then click here to BOOK NOW and we can talk some more.

Newborn baby awake wrapped on beanbag.Newborn baby awake wrapped on beanbag.Newborn baby awake wrapped on beanbag. "We had a newborn session, Vanessa is amazing at handling and photographing little babies and working around feeds/naps etc. We are so happy with the results!" Ellis Kate Mortimer