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I’m Vanessa Wilcox and I’m so happy you found me.   I live in Malton in North Yorkshire with my husband Paul, two young daughters and our three cats.  I’m quite an introverted character unless I’m behind my camera.  I communicate well with children, probably because we’re on the same emotional level.  I have been known to do crazy things such as sign up to run marathons (with only a year to train) or climb mountains (I climbed 24 in 20 hours once for charity).  When it comes to photography I am slightly obsessed and I welcome the chance to talk to anyone about what I do and what drives me.  


I have been a Professional Photographer since 2004.  My career in photography was unintentional.   As a member of a local camera club, a wedding photographer who wanted to pass on his knowledge to a younger member approached and trained me and from then on I was hooked.  It’s only just in the last eight years or so that I’ve pursued portrait photography so much more because of the birth of my daughters.   It was the struggle to have my two gorgeous miracles after years of heartache that made me appreciate how amazing children are and how you need to record and cherish all aspects of their life.


My name means butterfly in Latin and it’s so appropriate for me.  I was named after Vanessa in Herries Chronicles, which is a set of novels set in the Lake District.  Like a butterfly I flit around.  I see inspiration everywhere and I carry a little notebook around to write down ideas.  If I don’t do that then my mind never ever switches off.  Oh and I do spend a lot of time in the Lake District with my family.


Clients book me for my natural light photography.  (I do offer studio lighting particularly for fast moving children)!  I’m pretty adaptable to photographing in any situation so if you want to go on location, come to the studio or just be at home I’m able to do that for you.   Just lately I’ve been crafting backgrounds particularly with flowers and lights.  They make the most amazing 3d effects.  I’m always open to ideas so if clients have something particular in mind I’ll have a go at creating it.


My aim is to give every client the best experience possible and I am proud to give my customers the most gorgeous products in which to present their images.  I work with clients to establish what he or she wants from the session and which images are most important to them.  Safety is also paramount especially during newborn sessions and I have been trained by The Newborn Workshops to photograph newborns safely.


Please look through my galleries and if you're interested in a photography session or want further information then just contact me.


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” Dorothea Lange


The Studio

My home studio is conveniently based slightly out of the centre of Malton, North Yorkshire near Malton Hospital.


Open by appointment only: Monday to Friday 9.15am to 3pm and Saturday 9.15am to 12pm.  Arrangements can be made for alternative days and times.


Phone: 07950 528211



Vanessa Wilcox Photography offers a wide variety of display products for the home, gifts for family and beautiful art keepsakes after the session.  Customers invest approximately £250 to £750 on their photography.


The fee for the session must be paid in advance to secure your chosen date.  The session fee is non-refundable.  In the event of cancellation I require 48 hours’ notice and your session will be transferred to another available date.  


Please note that all session fees include my time and talent, extensive post session editing and your private online gallery.