This is one of my favourite sessions.   It’s the perfect introduction to the first moments of motherhood.  It’s also the time when your skin is glowing and your hair is at its most lustrous.  Ok so you have odd cravings, you eat for two (or even more) when you shouldn’t and you cry at the silliest of things. Many women are unwilling to have maternity photographs taken.  For some it’s the fear that they have put that little bit of extra weight on maybe around the face and oh dear their rear!!!  Been there, got the t-shirt!!!!  But, the way that I photograph pregnant ladies is different.  I make sure that you are captured in the most flattering lights and angles to make sure that you don’t have that double chin or that chocolate enhanced bottom! 

AO4A2226AO4A2226 I photograph mum’s any time on from 34 weeks of pregnancy.  It’s a very relaxed 45 minute session either in the studio, on location, or if you feel more comfortable, in your home.  You can choose to show as much or as little flesh as you like.  Prior to your photography shoot we will have a pre-consultation meeting either face to face or on the phone. In this meeting we discuss everything about the session including what your style is, colour schemes and clothing.  This gives me the opportunity to provide you with a really unique and personalised experience. If you know the gender of the baby I like to style the session based on that.

I encourage you to bring any of your other children with you, particularly as this makes them feel included and involved in the imminent arrival of their sibling.  It’s nice to include Daddy too. 

After the session I will choose the best images.  All images are individually edited and I will retouch minor blemishes including stretch marks and bruises.

Once the images are ready to view I will contact you to either come and view them at my home studio or view them on my website using a password to log in with.

Before the baby has arrived don’t forget to book into your newborn session.   Why not enrol in my baby club plan?  For more information why not just contact me and we can chat about what you would like. 


"Vanessa was great, she made me feel really comfortable and there's no one else I would have wanted to do that shoot or the newborn shoot, so thank you" Mrs B.