This is where the story of your family starts.

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time for a mum to be.  That bond that we have with our child starts from the womb.

Have you noticed that pregnant women all have glowing skin and glossy hair?  It’s probably due to all the extra blood flowing around the body.  Unfortunately pregnancy can also bring along other unwanted little issues like swollen ankles, blemishes and stretch marks. 

This is not a problem with a professional photoshoot.  You will be posed in the most flattering way and I will take into account any part of your body that you are not happy about.  This all happens during our pre consultation when we’ll discuss the type of photos you want at the session.  Prior to any photoshoot I will send you a guide on how to prepare for the session plus what to wear. 

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My maternity sessions are very relaxed but if you feel that you’d prefer to have the shoot at your home then just let me know.  Sometimes when ladies get a little more anxious about the new arrival they feel more comfortable in their home and it’s a little treat for them.

Don’t take my word for it.  This is what one of my customers said after her in home photo shoot.

Pregnant lady at homePregnant lady at homePregnant lady natural light in home.

“They’re so lovely and have such a nice gentle natural feel.  They feel nice and friendly, exactly what I’d like the baby to see when it gets older.  Thank you xxx.”  Holly D’Arcy

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